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Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Life should not be hindered because you recognise a difficulty in hearing. Generally this can be wrongly associated with advancing age, but this is not always the case. Although...



Tinnitus is the perception of a sound for which there is no external source, generally an annoying sensation. Symptoms of tinnitus include types of phantom noises in your ears such...

Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

No matter what age you are protect your hearing against exposure to loud noise and it will be one of the best investments you will make. Hearing loss can be a direct result of anoccupation, a...

Professional Services

Professional Services

At earpeace™ we provide a range of audiology services which include: Client Hearing Assessment; Medical & Lifestyle History, Otoscopy & Audiometry Provision of Hearing Aids; Selection...

earpeace™ eShop

earpeace™ eShop

Batteries Life is too short to be worrying about where you should get your hearing aid/protection supplies. We have developed the earpeace™ shop facility where you can reorder all the supplies and...

earpeace™ | Events

earpeace™ | Events

At earpeace™ we provide support to community groups through the running of events by our national network of professional audiologists. You can register here for these events in your local...

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earpeace™ is a wholly owned Irish Company, headquartered in Galway City. Our organisation is centred on building a long-term relationship with:

  • our patients - to improve their quality of life; and
  • our partners - to ensure that both technology and service delivers exemplary customer satisfaction.

All our practitioners are highly qualified and experienced Audiologists, who provide a professional patient-focused service. We want to make audiology services a lot more accessible to those experiencing hearing difficulties, or just seeking advice on protecting their hearing from exposure to loud noises.

In general, where a hearing loss is identified, it will more than likely deteriorate over time. This is why we integrate annual reviews of hearing and speech-audiometry tests in the services we provide. In fact we are currently the only company in the West of Ireland to provide speech audiometry incorporating LiSN-S PGA1, the new benchmark speech-in-noise test for patients with an existing hearing loss.

Where a patient decides to purchase hearing aids, our Audiologists are knowledgeable on the latest technologies available in hearing aid devices and can advise on the most appropriate solution for the patient and their lifestyle needs from the range of products in our portfolio.

We are registered on the Department of Social Protection, Medical Appliance Panel. We facilitate the grant application process for the patient as part of our service provision.

Our flexibility of service provision enables us to schedule and conduct audiology clinics to support general practice needs in Primary Care, as and when required. Localisation is particularly important to us so that we can provide that long-term customer care.

We do charge a fee for our services because they are specialised services performed by responsible professionals. We continually strive to deliver value for money.

Our eShop provides the facility to purchase hearing protection products and hearing aid accessories at affordable prices delivered by registered post to your residence.

We have put in place an all-make repair service for hearing aids, which will give customers piece of mind that their hearing aids can be serviced economically beyond the period of the original manufacturer's warranty. It is not necessary to have bought your hearing aid(s) from earpeace™ in order to avail of this service.


This test was developed by Dr. Sharon Cameron and Dr. Harvey Dillon of National Acoustic Laboratories of Australia

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